Hearing Irregular Verbs

Practice with the 42 most commonly used irregular verbs. Audio and text: past, present, and future tenses.

Verb Set 1

Say - a report must be published

Make - omlettes, pancakes, with a gas stove during an earthquake

Go - to work, to meetings, expenses and invoices

Take - computers, books, and pens, oh my!

Come - breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as a dog

See - meteor showers, telescopes, and the aurora

Verb Set 2

Know - how to give our dog a bath

Get - apples, pies, and junkmail

Give - advice, reasons, and lemonade

Find - jellyfish, driftwood, starfish, and seaweed

Think - the app is reliable or buggy, fast or slow

Tell - which road to take before we get lost

Verb Set 3

Become - upset and resentful about a decision

Show - a prototype robot and what it can do

Leave - the office, car, and keys

Feel - anxious but good about a vaccination

Put - fish on the grill, chips on the table, sauce in a bowl

Bring - games and equipment on a camping trip

Verb Set 4

Begin - a round of golf

Keep - cash, receipts, and records

Hold - without bail, or maybe a meeting

Write - a list for shopping

Stand - in line to vote

Hear - good things or complaints

Verb Set 5

Buy - chocolate

Mean - to call, to leave, and don't forget business

Spend - too much money

Meet - in chess club or at the tournament

Cut - tomatoes, cake, cloth, paper, wood, and corners

Pay - less, cash, dividends, and attention

Verb Set 6

Sit - on the porch, in a chair, all afternoon

Speak - with your doctor!

Wear - sandals, sneakers, hat and coat

Lead - people, projects, and the market

Read - email, webpages, a warranty, between the lines

Grow - seedlings, vegetables, and flowers

Verb Set 7

Lose - keys, weight, and market share

Fall - people, rain, all kinds of things

Send - emails, attachments, everyday stuff

Build - projects around the house

Break - furniture, appliances; we break a lot of stuff

Drive - trips to the store, the seashore, even Toronto