Hearing Irregular Verbs
Verb Set 2



I told you we should have gone left.
I thought you told me not to turn yet.
I was telling him we needed a map.
They were telling us which roads to take.
We had been told it might not be easy.
She told on me for getting us lost!

verb phrase: tell on X = tell a person in authority that X has done something bad


I tell you when I think we are lost.
She tells me when we should go right.
He is finally telling me we need a map.
You have told me over and over, I know.
They have been telling us it's difficult to find.
She tells on me every time we get lost!


I will tell you which roads to take.
They will tell us the right way to go.
Perhaps he will be telling me we need to buy a map.
I bet you will have told me we should have bought a map.
I bet you will have been telling yourself all is well.
I know she will tell on me if we get lost!

Lesson: Tell
Module: Verb Set 2
Course: Hearing Irregular Verbs