Hearing Irregular Verbs
Verb Set 6



She wore business casual attire.
He wore a casual Aloha shirt on Friday.
I was wearing a hat; you were wearing a scarf.
We had worn coats last month when it was cold.
She had been wearing boots, too.
You wore out those socks; you should throw them away.

verb phrase: wear out x = make x no longer usable; make x very tired


She wears a jacket in case it gets windy.
He wears sneakers when he goes out walking.
I am wearing too little; you are wearing too much.
We have worn shorts ever since it got hot.
She has been wearing sunscreen, also.
It doesn't take long for hot weather to wear me out.


She will wear a bathing suit on the beach.
He will wear sandals when he goes fishing.
You will be wearing sunscreen, I hope.
We will have worn shorts every day this week.
By evening, she will have been wearing something else.
The hot sun will wear me out in no time at all.

Lesson: Wear
Module: Verb Set 6
Course: Hearing Irregular Verbs