Hearing Irregular Verbs
Verb Set 7



I drove over to the hardware store.
He drove for the first few hours.
She was driving to the shops; they were driving to the seashore.
He had driven the car; I had driven the van.
You had been driving back and forth to Toronto.
They drove home the point that too much driving is not good for the environment.

verb phrase: drive home = make a strong argument


I usually drive to the grocery store.
He drives too slowly on the highway.
She is driving north; they are driving south.
He has driven a truck; they have driven our sedan.
You have been driving back and forth to Canada.
The fuel expenses drive home the point that we are spending too much time driving.


I will drive us; I don't mind.
He will drive when I get tired.
She will be driving home.
He will have driven half the trip.
You will have been driving for eight hours.
He will drive home the point that we should drive less.

Lesson: Drive
Module: Verb Set 7
Course: Hearing Irregular Verbs