Hearing Irregular Verbs
Verb Set 3



I became aware of the decision.
He became angry when he heard about it.
She became curious about the reasons.
We became resentful that we were not consulted.
They had become inflexible and were becoming worse.
What became of the suggestions we offered?

verb phrase: become of X = happen to X


I become upset when I learn about arbitrary decisions.
He becomes angry if he is not included.
She becomes skeptical if reasons are not explained.
We become resentful if we are not consulted.
They have become stubborn and are becoming worse.
What becomes of recommendations we make?


I will become upset if your decision is lame.
He will become angry if they do not listen.
She will become suspicious if reasons are not provided.
We will become resentful if you ignore us.
By then, they will have become distrustful.
What will become of our proposals?

Lesson: Become
Module: Verb Set 3
Course: Hearing Irregular Verbs