Hearing Irregular Verbs
Verb Set 6



He spoke about his sleep apnea.
She spoke about her allergies.
He was speaking to you, while you were speaking to them.
They had spoken for hours about their doctor.
Earlier, we had been speaking with our doctor.
I spoke up and asked for an appointment.

verb phrase: speak up = speak louder; voice a concern


He speaks about the usefulness of his ventilator.
She speaks to her doctor about her changing allergies.
He is speaking to you! Are you speaking to them?
They have spoken with their doctor. Everything is okay.
We have been speaking about medical health insurance.
In the doctor's office, we speak up and ask questions.


He will speak about his apnea.
She will speak about her allergies.
He will be speaking to his doctor soon.
They will have spoken with their doctor about insurance.
By tomorrow evening, we also will have been speaking about it.
In the doctor's office, we will speak up and ask questions.

Lesson: Speak
Module: Verb Set 6
Course: Hearing Irregular Verbs