Hearing Irregular Verbs
Verb Set 1



Yesterday, I made an omlette for breakfast.
And he made a mess on the stove.
She made me clean it up.
A week ago, you had made adjustments to the gas supply connector.
And we were making pancakes when the earthquake hit.
At that point, it had made sense to stop cooking.

verb phrase: make sense = seem reasonable; be understandable


I make omlettes for breakfast.
He makes a mess every time he visits the kitchen.
She makes me clean it up.
You have made changes to the stove, haven't you?
Yes, so we are making pancakes very carefully.
It makes sense because you are not a qualified technician.


I will make an omlette for you.
He will make a mess and pretend it wasn't his fault.
She will make me clean it up.
I bet you will have made changes to the stove controler.
That's right. So maybe we will be making a trip to the diner for pancakes.
It will make sense to do so; I prefer to avoid an explosion.

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Module: Verb Set 1
Course: Hearing Irregular Verbs