Workplace Writing 101

Clear Tech

Technical work can be complex. Technical writing does not have to be. Clarity is achievable with a little effort.

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Advanced Skills

Every writing technique has proper rules as well as preferred nuances. This ebook is about the latter.

Contents : eWorkbook

Essential Skills

How to write English in the workplace: punctuation, usage, grammar, clarity, style, influence, and email.

Contents : eWorkbook

Grammar Review

A thorough review, from proper use of parts of speech to special topics important to writing correctly at work.

Contents : eWorkbook

Basic Usage

Learn how words are naturally used, from articles and prepositions to expressions and slang.

Contents : eWorkbook

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Writing Resumes

How to write resumes that robots accept and recruiters notice.

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Practice Proofreading

Test your proofreading skills. Read some paragraphs and spot the mistakes.

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Hearing Irregular Verbs

Practice with the 42 most commonly used irregular verbs. Audio and text: past, present, and future tenses.

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