Hearing Irregular Verbs
Verb Set 1



[ ]  Yesterday you ____ the chair I needed.

[ ]  
  They are taking three folders with them.
  They have taken green folders with them.

[ ]  When she leaves here tomorrow, she ____ the report with her.
  will be taking
  was taking

[ ]  
  You took the computer; she take the report.
  You take the computer; she takes the report.

[ ]  
  He will be taking every package.
  He will have taken every package.

[ ]  Yesterday, ____ every copy with him.
  he took
  I take

[ ]  They ____ the coffee maker by then.
  will took
  will have taken

[ ]  That meeting ____ on Friday of last week.
  will take place
  took place

Lesson: Take
Module: Verb Set 1
Course: Hearing Irregular Verbs