Hearing Irregular Verbs
Verb Set 7



[ ]  She will ____ the report.

[ ]  
  I send summaries; he sends reports.
  I sends summaries; he send reports.

[ ]  We ____ the meeting notice days ago.
  had sent
  will sends

[ ]  
  I had been sending alerts about the problem.
  I been sending a alert about your problems.

[ ]  
  She will be sending text; he will be sent the photo.
  He will be sending the text; we will be sending the photo.

[ ]  They have ____ reports every week.
  been send
  been sending

[ ]  ____ you the answer.
  She sending
  He sent

[ ]  We will ____ if the report is needed.
  sending wording
  send word

Lesson: Send
Module: Verb Set 7
Course: Hearing Irregular Verbs