Do you believe you're a good writer? (Be honest, would your boss agree?) Take the following quiz to find out:

  1. Have you ever been in a hurry and could not remember whether to use itís or its?
  2. Is the phrase "align grammar to the story" unfamiliar to you?
  3. Do you tend to avoid varying the structure and length of your sentences?
  4. Would you like to learn how to format your writing so it's easier for people to read?
  5. Has anyone gone ballistic after misreading the tone you intended in an email?
  6. When you need to be tactful, do you ever struggle to choose just the right words?
  7. Would it surprise you that persuasiveness can be improved by using words that match the personality of your reader?
  8. Do you fear your writing is preventing you from being promoted, or getting a job?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, take a look at Hit the Job Writing. Youíll be surprised by how many easy ways there are to improve your writing at work.

Go here: Hit the Job Running, the website where this workbook is offered as a sequel to their eminently useful book for people new to the job market, Hit the Job Running.

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Deanna E., Millennial

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Marcia Nye, Freelance Writer

"I think the book is terrific. It does what colleges donít do, which is to provide the tools to write clearly and with purpose. Everyone in the business world and elsewhere could use it."
Dr. Bill Coplin, Professor, Syracuse University